Cat’s Corner

Cats are amazing. They make great companions and they bring a lot of joy to any place where they live. Although our feline companions are very resilient, they are not immune from the aging process and some other medical conditions. In addition, since our feline friends are very smart at hiding their pain and what might be going on with their health, it can be challenging to know what exactly is happening with their health without routine physical exams and recommended testing. Kidney disease, dental disease, thyroid abnormalities, arthritis and weight issues are just some of the more common findings which we see in our feline patients. Because of these reasons, at Veterinary Care Clinic we would like to be proactive when it comes to our feline patients. We make our best effort to find and catch the issues before they become a problem. Finding the issues early, helps us keep your kitty as happy and healthy as we can for many years to come.

We also understand that a veterinary visit can be stressful for you and your kitty and that is why we have tried to provide you with as many useful and practical resources as we can to make the visit as stress free as possible. We know there are a lot of information in the world wide web but we also know how hard it can be to find trustworthy online resources. Please read through the following pages in this section and contact us today and make an appointment for your kitty’s wellness exam. Let’s discuss what we can do to help your kitty stay in his or her optimal shape for a very long time.

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